What cleaning services are provided under end of the tenancy?

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What cleaning services are provided under end of the tenancy? What must be done by the tenant to clean the apartment or by someone the tenant hires? And when can the landlord charge the tenant for the cleaning services?

How Clean Does It Have to Be?

It is the landlord’s responsibility to provide an apartment that is safe and livable to the next tenant. The lease may have a list of requirements as to the state of the apartment when the tenant moves out or a checklist to be met during the final inspection.

It is the tenant’s choice to hire an end of tenancy cleaning service to vacuum the floors, mop, sweep, clean the windows, clean the baseboards, scrub the kitchens and bathrooms. The tenant may do this because they are pressed for time, don’t have the skills to do a thorough cleaning or can’t clean the residence while packing and taking care of pets and children.

When Can the Landlord Hire a Cleaning Service and Make the Tenant Pay for It?

The landlord can hire a cleaning service if the tenant did not clean the apartment before leaving. The landlord is not supposed to deduct the cost of standard carpet cleaning from the deposit, but they can deduct the cost of an end of tenancy cleaning if the place wasn’t cleaned at all. There are many situations where the rules depend on your lease. Your lease may require that the carpets be cleaned prior to end of tenancy. The landlord cannot charge you if you can show a receipt that you had the carpets cleaned, but the lease agreement may require that you should a receipt to demonstrate the apartment’s carpets were cleaned in order to not have that cost deducted from the lease. Or your lease may require that you pay for the carpet cleaning whether done by you or the landlord, at which point that cost can be deducted from the security deposit if you can’t prove it was done.

Do Tenants Always Have to Pay for Carpet Cleaning and Other Housekeeping Jobs?

In general, the charge to the tenant is only reasonable if there is unusual damage to carpets due to tenant abuse. Carpet cleaning Kingston and in other areas isn’t mandatory in most situations because landlords have to provide a residence in reasonable repair for the next tenant – and like new carpets are not part of that standard, though ones without pet stains and soaked in food stains may be part of that definition. While dingy and worn carpets are expected, juice stains or food stains are not, since it is seen as the tenant’s responsibility to clean up the mess before it sets or clean the carpet after the stain sets.

Can My Lease Put Limits on Who Can Do the End of Tenancy Cleaning?

There are leases that state the carpets must be professionally cleaned by a cleaner approved by the landlord or else fees may be charged. In most jurisdictions, this is a legitimate legal clause for the contract. It does prevent the tenant from simply renting a carpet cleaner and submitting a receipt for that rental, but it ensures that the landlord is going to be happy with the state of the carpets, at least, when the tenant moves out.

What may not stand up in court is a lease agreement that requires tenants to pay for a professional carpet cleaning every year, whether or not they move out.


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